Site Base Decision Making Council 

SBDM Council

Lacey Ramirez, chairperson

Cassie Ipock , teacher

Nicque Hall, teacher

Kristin Haley, teacher

Jennifer Peck, parent

Bill Pyle, parent


School-Based Decision Making 

Sinking Fork Elementary voted to become a School-based Decision Making (SBDM) School.  The council became active on July 1, 1993.  Our policy has been written and approved.  A copy is available for review in the school office. The school-based decision making process will give parents, teachers, and principals at each Kentucky public school control over how that school operates. 


What decisions will be made at the school level?

A school council, advised by the school’s staff, will make policies on curriculum, instructional practices, schedules for the staff and students, use of school space, discipline, classroom management, and extracurricular activities.

To help make these policies effective, councils will also decide:

*what instructional materials the school will use;

*what support services the school will provide for its students; and

*how many people the school will employ in each job classification.

The Principal at each school will direct the implementation of council policies and select people to fill vacancies at the school, after consulting with the council.  The council will select a new principal when that position becomes available.  SBDM meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 2:35 PM in the conference room or library.  The meetings are open to the public.