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Thursday, September 22, 2016
People celebrating, surrounded by stars
People celebrating, surrounded by stars
Positive Attitude

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH exemplifying the theme of “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” (Keeping a positive attitude, positive speech, positive thoughts, and thankfulness) are:  Evana Cheatham, Jase Loden, Geremy Long, Leaunna Wilkerson, Graham Westerfield, Chloe Almy, Katie West, Jaurius Hollowell, Zoe Smith, Baylee Harmon, Sophie Sandifer, Gloria Lopez, Kiesherra Cushenberry, Anijah Ford, Megan Hale, Lavell Buckner, Zy'Meeria Wilford, Aiden Knepper, Aaliyah Bacon, DeVarion Forte, Grace McCarley, Hailey Sparks, Destiny Breedlove








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